Your Online Accounts

Your On-line financial and social media accounts and how they fit into your Will

When preparing a Will, you need to consider any accounts (bank accounts, stock portfolios…) you have that may be accessed on-line. You may be the only person who can access them, and when you pass away, these accounts may not be accessible to your family. To fix this, make sure that you add a provision in your Will that will show how your beneficiaries can get access to your accounts after you are no longer here. Its a good idea to contact these companies as well, letting them know who you would give access to.

How about your social media accounts (Facebook, twitter…)? You may have photos or other information that will be locked out to anyone else, if you don’t add a provision in your Will that allows them access to them.

What if you don’t want anyone to have access to any of these social media accounts, even after you are gone? Make sure you notify the companies about your request, otherwise, your account may be accessed by others, and make your intentions clear by adding language to your Will.